Best Secure Internet Browsers for Android in 2021

Privacy is important in certain areas of our lives. We don’t want anyone watching or tracking us on the Internet, nor do we want them to save any of our personal information. It is impossible to imagine our lives without the internet. We can almost do everything online, from paying our bills to booking e-tickets to shopping for groceries, reading news, and even scheduling doctor appointments.

We access the Internet mostly by laptops/computers, or mobile phones. Some browsers such as Firefox and Chrome have “Incognito Mode”. These browsers are not sufficient for many people as they do not provide enough privacy.

Everyone wants complete privacy, even the moment they open an Android browser. We are here to help. Here are the best Anonymous Browsing Apps Android. They are designed securely to provide you with the most secure browsing experience. Browse like you’re invisible.

Top 10 Anonymous Browsing Apps For Andriod

1. Firefox Focus

Firefox is the dominant browser. The best thing about Firefox is that the Android standard web browser is one the most used on the operating system. Firefox is completely focused on privacy.

Location targeted ads are the latest threat to your privacy. Firefox can help, they’ve taken it on themselves and these ads cannot track you down. Firefox gives you the freedom to decide which trackers should be blocked or permitted.

For example, you could make social media trackers for sharing and easy sharing available if you want them. These features will not be available in any browser. Firefox claims it will reduce data usage.

Firefox will offer the “Erase Button” feature. This button allows you to quickly and easily delete your session. It is well designed and has a cleaner look than the standard app. Firefox Focus is a very refined Anonymous Browsing app. This app is safe and secure for private browsing.

2. InBrowser

InBrowser is a popular privacy browser on the market. It offers a variety of amazing features. This app will not save any data that you have used in your browser. The app has a tabbed navigation system that makes it very easy to use.

InBrowser allows you to view a video within the app. This means that you won’t need to worry about YouTube or another insecure app. You can also download from the app. This browser is amazing and supports Agent Cloaking, which allows you to pretend that you’re visiting other websites using different browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. This app will block all adverts.

It integrates with LastPass seamlessly, which is a great feature. LastPass allows you to use one password login for all log-ins that you do through your computer/mobile.

InBrowser has a great user interface and a clean design. It also offers more space for web browsing. InBrowser is yet another great anonymous browsing app that provides hassle-free browsing.

3. Ghostery

Ghostery is another privacy browser with an interesting feature that no other browser has. Ghostery is the best anonymous browsing app for Android.

Ghostery’s main feature is its ability to show the exact number and location of all trackers on any given website. You can choose which tracker you want to track your browsing habits. Ghostery is home to one of the most extensive databases dedicated to servers. It has more than 2000 trackers and 4500 scripts.

It is likely that the app’s UI and design are similar to Google Chrome. This makes it easy to use. Ghostery is a better choice if you want to give your children more control over their privacy.

4. Orfox: Tor Browser for Android

Orfox Browser is an Anonymous Browsing App. It offers the best incognito mode and offers more privacy than other apps. This app should be the best choice for those who need security at certain moments.

This app won’t track your data. It also blocks ads from tracking you. It saves data and reduces data usage. The majority of this app browser’s source is Tor Browser.

You will find the menu system very easy to navigate. You can also use night mode to access the menu. This is a great option for those who want the most secure Anonymous Browsing Apps on Android.

5. Orbot Proxy with Tor

Orbot – Proxy with Tor: This is another name on the list of Anonymous Browsing Apps For Android. It comes with many features. Orbot makes use of Tor to both encrypt and hide your Internet traffic. This facility is not available in any other Anonymous Browsing app.

It also allows you to adblock and will wipe all data after you close the browser. This open network will protect you from any network surveillance that might threaten your privacy. It may be a little more complicated than some other apps when you access the app.

6. Armorfly

Armorfly is a mobile browser developed by Cheetah Mobile. Armorfly is now a secure browser.

It offers an exclusive feature that allows you to download videos from other websites. Sometimes it might not work. You can download videos from any website that you visit using this browser. A private vault will be available that allows you to store all your personal information without being seen by anyone else.

The best thing about this program is the powerful built-in virus engine that will protect you from any malware. You may be familiar with the services offered by CM Browser if you’ve used it before. This is the best Anonymous Browsing Apps that you can use.

7. Android App

This app will solve all privacy issues when browsing the Internet with your Android device. This app allows you to securely surf the Internet using its VPN servers. No one can see your private data.

It features a very intuitive interface, making it easy to connect to any VPN server that you choose before browsing the Internet. It is easy to download from Google Play Stores. Once you have signed in to your account, you can start using it.

8. Omigo

It is another small entry in the Anonymous Browsing Apps category for Android. However, it doesn’t really offer much. It focuses on the speed of the browser, whether it’s downloading or surfing the internet.

It isn’t the most secure, but it does offer tracking protection through its Inbuilt A.

Dblocker. It also comes with its own group, which allows you to receive news, jokes, and other information. It is very similar to Chrome or Opera in design. It’s okay, but the UI isn’t up to par.

9. Frost

Frost is one of the lesser-known browsers that offers interesting extra features. The UI has been changed and now comes with a new material design that makes it look even better.

Tab usage will be similar to the desktop with this redesign. It’s very user-friendly and modern. Frost will provide a private vault that you can use to save anything you like without sharing your password with anyone. Only the person who has this password will have access to the vault.

You can delete any content you wish when you close the browser. Frost is a great Anonymous Browsing Application that you should consider.

10. AZ Browser

It has unique functionality features you won’t find in any other Anonymous Browsing Apps on the market. MultiWindow support allows you to view video in floating windows while browsing other websites.

AZ Browser is designed for in-app video to give you the best possible video experience. It uses an incognito mode that provides the best security features. It will also remove any data from your session that it has stored, and all data you have deleted when you close the browser.


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