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– Plus, here’s if ‘likes’ on Stories are public

(Pocket-lint) – Meta-owned Instagram is offering a new way to connect with Instagram Stories: You may now send a “like” reaction.

Previously, the only way to respond to a story was to send the creator a direct message or an emoji reaction, both of which would clog up the creator’s inbox. Not now.

Instagram is attempting to make creators’ inboxes more manageable by adding likes, which would give users new opportunities to interact with stories. This is because, rather than searching through their mailbox to check which viewers “loved” a story, producers can just look at the data on the article’s viewer sheet. Here’s everything else you need to know about story likes, including how they function.

What is the best way to ‘like’ an Instagram Story?

Follow these steps to “like” and buy instagram likes once you’ve gained access to the feature:

Open the Instagram app in its most recent version.

Take a look at someone’s life narrative.

You’ll see stories from people you follow in a bar at the top of your feed.

Their profile photo will have a colorful ring around it when there’s something new to see.

Simply tap on someone’s profile photo to see their tale.

On a story, a heart should appear between the “Send Message” area and the plane icon.

To ‘like’ the story you’re watching, tap the heart.

How can I see who has ‘loved’ my Stories?

If someone “likes” your Instagram Tale, it will appear in the viewer sheet, which you can access by going back to your own story and viewing it again.

Open the Instagram app in its most recent version.

In the upper left corner, tap on the story icon.

Another user’s profile symbol can be found in the corner.

This shows that your story has been viewed.

To discover who has visited your story, tap the symbol.

If the icon in the lower left is missing, that implies no one has seen your tale.

Swipe up from the bottom to double-check. You’ll see a list of names of watchers.

You’ll notice a heart next to a viewer’s name if they’ve “loved” your story.

Are Stories’ ‘likes’ public or private?

If you “like” a story, it will only appear in the viewer sheet of the person who received the “like.” No one else has access to it.

If you received a “like,” those who watch your story publicly will not see a “like” count. Likes are visible only to you in your viewer sheet.

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Instagram App News

In the United Kingdom, Instagram has added additional parental controls.

Facts observed and verified firsthand by the reporter, or reported and validated by informed sources.

(Lint from a pocket) – Meta has launched a set of new parental control features aimed at safeguarding the mental health of adolescent Instagram users.

The new capabilities allow parents to set a daily time limit of 15 minutes to 2 hours, after which the app would be blocked with a dark screen.

Invites to activate parental control can now be sent by parents, when previously it would have to be initiated by the child.

Parents will also be able to arrange break periods, as well as has having access to the data if a child reports another Instagram account.

There’s another feature, termed “nudge”, which is being tried at the moment. In the event that younger users repeatedly searching for the same thing, the nudge feature will advise them to look into other topics.

Meta is also releasing a parental dashboard for its Quest VR headsets, in addition to Instagram.

The VR tools include the option to need purchase consent, block specific apps, regulate screen time and view the teen’s friend list.

Some parental tools were already available to Instagram users in the United States, and these new features are now available to them as well.

The tools will be available to users in the UK, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Canada, France, and Germany later this month. By the end of the year, Meta intends to make this available to all users worldwide.

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