As the United Kingdom’s capital, it’s only natural to believe that London would be more prone to crime than any other city in the country. And, if we look at residential burglary in specifically, London is the most burgled city in the UK. According to the ONS, Londoners are three times more likely than the rest of the UK to be burglarized, with 60,000 documented occurrences of burglary in 2019. Is it true, however, that burglaries in London’s wealthiest neighborhoods are more common?

Theft rates in London’s wealthiest boroughs

London is home to some of the world’s wealthiest people, with over half of the UK’s billionaires residing there, including global titans like James Dyson, Leonard Blavatnik (owner of Warner Music Group), and Roman Abramovich (owner of Chelsea F.C.). The residences of ultra-high-net-worth persons are concentrated in the boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster, Camden, Hammersmith and Fulham.

The most expensive street, known as ‘Billionaire’s Boulevard,’ is located in Kensington Palace Gardens, and is lined with jaw-dropping luxury residences that cost on average between £41 million and £200 million or more. With this in mind, one can only imagine how important it is for the wealthiest homeowners to protect their homes from burglars.

1. Westminster’s security

Despite being the most heavily policed borough in London, Westminster ranks first among the most burgled. Between October 2019 and October 2020, there were around 3,909 burgled residences per 1000 people, according to the Metropolitan Police. However, the affluence prevalent in this London neighborhood is not the primary source of crime. As a result, despite being one of London’s wealthiest boroughs, NPC’s poll finds that Westminster is a severely deprived neighborhood. Indeed, with large social and economic inequality, Westminster is among England’s top 10% most impoverished areas in terms of income, accounting for 14% of the neighborhood. As a result, poverty in Westminster has increased the city’s house burglary rate.

2. Burglary rates in Kensington and Chelsea, London, in 2020

Unlike Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea are ranked 19th with 1951 burgled homes per 1000 residents, whereas Camden is ranked 9th with 2,721 burgled houses per 1000 residents.

Kensington and Chelsea have a heavy security presence with security guards, making it more difficult for opportunistic burglars to steal into one of these homes, since strange bypassers are likely to be detected in the blink of an eye. But, never say never, the game may be worth the candle to some thieves!

“Everything in this universe is guided by balance.” What you stand to gain and what you stand to lose are both important considerations. And you become overconfident when you believe you have nothing to lose.” (Money Heist – The Profesor)

Thefts of posh homes in London

The same ring of accused thieves raided three distinct mansions in Kensington over the course of thirteen days in December 2019. Tamara Ecclestone (daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, former Chief Executive of the Formula One Group), Frank Lampard’s home, and the late Leicester City FC owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha’s home were among the residents.

The burglary on Tamara Ecclestone’s home is reported to be the most widespread in the UK, with £25 million in loot seized in the form of valuable jewelry and cash. Despite the fact that Tamara Ecclestone’s home was secured at the time, it is suspected that the organized gang used an insider to get easy access to the property and assets. According to the media, one of the security guards was out shopping when the attackers entered, one of the security guards disarmed the security alarms, the safe was left open, and other security guards claim they were unaware of the entry; all of these factors assisted the robbery.

How to Buy a Luxury Home in London

When you can afford a luxury property in one of London’s fashionable boroughs, you can’t afford to skimp on security to keep your home safe from even the most cunning burglar. However, obtaining a luxury property is no easy task, and it is surely not inexpensive!

To gather intelligence, thieves use sophisticated methods and procedures, frequently depending on publicly available information. Burglars can easily pre-reconnaissance a home thanks to the Land Registry, Google Maps, and the plethora of information available on social media. As a result, ultra-high-net-worth individuals should avoid revealing their names while buying a home in London as a general rule.

Kidnapping, bodily injury, theft, and cyber-attacks are all possibilities for ultra-high-net-worth persons due to their high profile.

Ideas for luxury home security

1. Home burglary London luxury home security systems House security systems have come a long way from traditional burglar alarms and home CCTV as technology has revolutionized our lives. There are so many cutting-edge security systems on the market today that listing them all would be impossible. Instead, we’ll focus on some of the most cutting-edge smart home security systems.

a) Access Control Systems for Doors

System of biometric authentication

Using house keys is a long-outdated idea that is surely not appropriate for a luxury home. The possibility that keys may be misplaced or that hostile domestic employees or visitors will create a copy of the keys is simply too great a risk for luxury homeowners to bear.

Face recognition, voice recognition, fingerprint recognition, and iris recognition are examples of biometric authentication systems that use technologies like face recognition, voice recognition, fingerprint recognition, and iris recognition to match human characteristics to a database of pre-authorized people; a concept that is used by airports for passport controls. Biometric authentication systems also allow you to keep track of who has been in the residence and when.

Installing a face recognition security door gives the safest alternative for securing gates and doors, allowing only a restricted number of individuals access while alerting house inhabitants to the presence of an unexpected guest.

Furthermore, windows should be protected with appropriate locks and have toughened glass to prevent a break-in through one of the house’s windows.

Property Identification

Should the worst happen despite an asset monitoring system, property must be marked with a traceable liquid such as SmartWater technology to ensure a higher possibility of recovery. Under UV light, the liquid includes a unique DNA code that will be exposed. If thieves try to sell a stolen property to an art dealer or auction house, the marking will allow authorities to track down the owner and punish the criminals.

Of fact, home security systems provide several layers of protection, but they should not be depended on completely. They should be used in concert with physical security to help prompt a rapid response that allows criminals to be disrupted or detained.

2. London Residential Security home security

We use a tiered approach to security at Intelligent Protection International Limited, providing residential security teams to augment luxury home security systems. Our residential security personnel are hand-picked from the best, with military or law enforcement backgrounds, and are thoroughly vetted. Our officers are not simply security guards; they all have substantial close protection expertise and are certified bodyguards.

We conduct a security evaluation of the premises prior to deploying our home security teams to detect any vulnerabilities in the present security system. As a consequence, we provide appropriate suggestions based on our customers’ individual circumstances, allowing us to lessen the possibility and effect of any dangers, including the potential of burglary.

Our security agents oversee entry to a London townhouse and monitor the premises on a regular basis to identify any strange activity, allowing them to respond rapidly in the case of an incursion. They also keep an eye on the house’s luxury home security systems to ensure that they respond quickly.

You have all the possibilities to hire bodyguard London and stop worrying about security issues!

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