Luxury Scented Candles To Buy In 2022

January is a difficult month. The holiday season is over, and the days are suddenly bitterly chilly and dismal. Add in the emotional roller coaster of the Omicron surge, and you’ve got yourself a fairly bleak period — both physically and metaphorically.

But, since flying to a far-flung location isn’t safe or advisable right now, why not grab the snap bar wax melts? These small indulgences may instantly elevate your emotions, transport you to a beloved location, and fill your room with heavenly scents.

So here are ten carefully designed candles to light in 2022 and beyond.

Eric Coles and Mark Chung, co-owners of Martha Vineyard’s chicest store Lennox & Harvey, pick beautifully crafted, timeless, and extremely utilitarian things. It’s no different with their signature candle. This slow-burning soy candle conjures the sense of traveling inland from the island’s coast, with warm aromas of wild asters, eucalyptus, and pepper.

Classic Candle by Nadjarina

Nadjarina (a sustainable, luxury fashion brand located in Los Angeles) creator Lindsey Mallon presented this refillable marble candle today to keep your spirits up during these cold winter months. “A very cleaning aroma characterized by palo santo, combined with tobacco, vanilla, fir, and oakmoss,” Mallon said of the original scent. For an added lovely impact, it’s also sprinkled with different stones (think rose quartz, pyrite, and black obsidian).

Fernweh Editions is a publishing house based in Germany.

Fernweh Editions was founded by Larissa Pickens with the goal of transporting you to the world’s most favorite destinations through smell. The energizing sensation of a spring morning stroll across the Pacific Northwest’s Cascade Range, when the ferns are gleaming with dew and florals are just beginning to blossom, is captured in Ferns & Petals. Furthermore, from the hand-poured wax to the self-trimming cotton wicks, no detail was overlooked.

Getaway Candle Co. is a company that makes candles.

Jenn Zajac believes that travel isn’t just about unique sights and sounds, but also about unique scents. She founded Getaway Candle Co. to achieve this goal. The destination-inspired candles are not only hand-poured in Los Angeles using a special blend of waxes (coconut, soy, and apricot) that hold smell better than soy, but they’re also reasonably priced at $25. Banff, the company’s best-selling scent, captures the crisp, piney, and chilly, aquatic overtones of a foggy alpine climb.

Alpaca Candle 02 by Alicia Adams

The Damask rose is one of the most popular fragrance notes in the world, but it may quickly overpower and dominate. Smoky wood and clove were used to soften the flower’s unique charm. The result is a sophisticated, seductive flower that is both grounded and airy. Furthermore, the elegantly packaged box makes it ideal for gift-giving.

Evergreen + Eucalyptus Soy Candle by Calyan Wax Co.

There are numerous reasons to purchase this candle. The fresh, refreshing aroma helps to bring the outside in. It burns cleanly with a great throw because it’s made with American-grown soy wax and genuine essential oils. Most importantly, when you light this candle, you are also lighting up the life of someone else. That’s because the company donates 5% of its proceeds to anti-human-trafficking organizations.

Joe Candle’s Literie Pizza is a must-try.

During the pandemic, Literie founder Erica Werber created Literie as an olfactory love letter to New York City. Werber’s garden-fresh perfume blends juicy, vine-ripened tomatoes and zesty, fresh-picked basil to honor the Big Apple’s most iconic dish. Literie candles are also created in the United States with a vegan wax combination and can burn for up to 50 hours.

Gardenia Candle by Kevin Francis

Kevin Francis is the creator of the renowned design blog Thou Swell, in addition to being an up-and-coming interior designer. Candles were a natural next step for him, considering his love of freshening up surroundings. This candle, which is hand-poured with soy wax in Atlanta, transports you to a lush Southern garden during the summer, when the creamy, seductive Gardenias are in full bloom.

The Passport Candle by M.M.LaFleur

Despite the fact that Sarah LaFleur and Miyako Nakamura co-founded M.M. LaFleur with the goal of providing high-quality, reasonably priced office furniture, they recognize the importance of balancing work and leisure. As a result, their characteristic smell, Passport, was established. Sandalwood, juniper, and cypress blend in this beautiful candle to transport your imagination to an exotic location – even if just for a few minutes throughout your workday.

Birthday Candle for Ryan Porter

After lighting this charming candle, it’s impossible not to be in a cheery, pleasant feeling. The wax is whimsically studded with bright rainbow sprinkles and has a pleasantly sweet vanilla and bourbon smell that permeates the air. It’s like a sugar rush, but without the calories. This one is specifically for Capricorns and Aquariuses in January.

Daze Candle with Hemp and Hand Pillows

This candle is manufactured entirely of hemp, from the wax to the wick, as the company name says. Also, if you have trouble sleeping at night, try burning this. The essential oils of lavender and peppermint are very relaxing, and the compact, portable size makes it ideal for taking on all of your adventures.

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