New Instagram Tips 2021

Are you fed up with the same old Instagram tips?

I know that I am.

“Post consistently.”

“Use hashtags.”

“Create high quality content.”

Please. Please tell me something you don’t know.

Since I honestly feel that the Instagram accounts of successful Instagram influencers hide something.

They must be using some secrets techniques to make their content really eye-catching.

They must be using secret strategies to grow-hack their Instagram accounts.

They must do more than just the Instagram tips you keep hearing about.

They may not be sharing their secrets, but that’s the truth.

This is it.

I have been searching the Internet day and night for Instagram secrets that influencers don’t share.

These Instagram tips are both for Stories and growth. They will help make your content stand out and grow your Insta. These Instagram tips and tricks will help you grow your Insta. Read on to find out more! You’ll be surprised at what you discover!

1. A solid background in Stories

You can either take a photo of something random or choose a picture from your Photo Library.

Click on the drawing pencil icon, then hover over any color. Next, hold the pencil with your finger. You will see the background change to one solid monochrome color. This is great if you have to quickly write something and make it stand out. It also aligns with your previous Stories’ color scheme.

2. Additional colors available in the color selection

Did you know you could have more colors than the 27 offered in Instagram Stories’ basic color palette?

You can actually have all the colors you want, according to some reports.

Click on the drawing pen once more, then click on the color you want, and hold your finger. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of gradient colors in a matter of seconds. You can keep your finger on the screen and move it left/right until you find the right color.

This is a great trick you can use to create background behind your texts.

3. 3D

Although Stories doesn’t have a 3D effect, you can make it look as good as real.

Click on the icon for your favorite drawing pen. In one of the fonts, write down the word or sentence you wish. Select black color. Place the text exactly where it is needed.

You will now need to write the exact same word or sentence again, but in a different color, such as blue. Place it on top of your first word but slightly to one side so you can see the background font. It is basically two fonts that are layered on top each other.

The end result:

3D is now easy

4. Zoom in like a pro

My initial thought was that to zoom in on Instagram you needed two fingers to touch it and zoom out. But no.

Once you are ready to record, simply press the record button.

It was so simple!

5. Double tap

Have you ever wondered how influencers can turn the screen so fast when they are recording Stories or going Live? You just need to tap the screen twice as you record, and your phone’s face camera will start working the next second!

6. Different fonts for Stories

Stories offers only five fonts: Classic, Modern Neon, Typewriter and Strong. However, there is a trick that you can use to add more fonts to your content.

First, ensure that your Safari browser (or Chrome) is open on your phone.

Open the Instagram app and go to Stories. Select the photo that you wish to share with the rest of the world.

Double-tap on the Home button if you are using an iPhone. You’ll now see two tabs open simultaneously. Open in your browser. Select the “Fancy Text” option, and then type whatever you wish to put on your Story. This text will automatically be transformed into multiple fonts. Scroll down and choose the font you prefer, then click “copy”.

Copy the text in the chosen font to your clipboard.

Double-click on your Home button and return to your Instagram app. The Stories draft is still there.

Click on it and select the text icon (“Aa”) from the top. Tap and hold the screen to the right of the blinking cursor and then click “Paste”.

Et voila!

You now have a Story with a font you can’t find anywhere else! It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

7. Stories can be animated with animated fonts

You now know how to use different fonts in your Instagram Stories. Did you also know that animated Instagram Stories can be made?

Yes, it is.

Download HypeType to do this – an app that adds moving text to your photos.

It’s simple. It’s easy.

8. For fun letter backgrounds, use your photo’s color scheme

A visually consistent theme is essential for any Instagrammer. Cool Instagram tip: Create unique backgrounds for your fonts based on the color scheme of the photo.

You will need to do this using the same technique as the drawing pen described above.

Select the image you wish to post, and then think of a word. You can make it short and easy.

Click the text icon (“Aa”) in the upper right corner. Type the first letter of your word. You can choose from Strong, Classic, Typewriter fonts. Next, add background to your letter by clicking the icon in the upper left corner. Once you have done this, click on “Drawing Pen” in the top left corner to open a toolbox. The background of the letter can be changed by moving the tool around in the photo depending on where you are “land”.

Once you have chosen the background color, you can move on to the next letter until you are done typing the word letter by letter.

Although it might seem slow at first, it is actually much faster than you realize. It looks great and visually matches the photo, giving your content a more holistic feel.

9. Create the ombre/rainbow effect

Warning: This one may require some finger gymnastics. After you have practiced enough, it will be easy to create a bright rainbow or subtly ombre text effect.

Here are the steps:

Your text should be written

Select all your text

Place your right thumb on any color in the suggested colour palette

Place your left thumb on text cursor

Slide both your fingers simultaneously to the right

Your letters will be changed in color

10. Tap on stickers to change them

This one is easy. But, in case you were not aware, you can change the Instagram stickers on Stories. All you have to do is tap on them. They can either change their color or position.

Stories allows you to tap on any sticker to alter its appearance. This simple Instagram tip will help you differentiate!

11. To make your hashtags inaccessible, you can post as many as possible using them

One of the best Instagram growth strategies is to add hashtags to your Stories. You can increase your chances of being featured using the hashtags that you use. This will boost your exposure and help you gain new followers.

Although it can seem a little spammy to use as many hashtags in Stories, I would not discourage you from using them.

It’s exactly!

People avoid using hashtags in Stories as they can look too spammy. If I said you could make them invisible, would they use all of them?

It is. Nobody would guess that you even used hashtags if they are invisible.


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