What’s The raid: Shadow Legends Game About?

Raid: Shadow Legends has won the hearts of millions. We are here to help you find out what makes this MMORPG special.

How to Start a Game

It is important to identify the key features that make the game unique and exciting for all players. You will find useful tips and interesting facts while reading the Raid: Shadow Legends Review from Insider.Games. These can be helpful in helping you to succeed in the game.


The Clans feature is just as important as the Campaign and Dungeon battles, which are the main modes of the game. The Clan’s primary goal is to unify the gaming community towards a common goal. Alliance in ROK is a place where teammates can come together to achieve new achievements and boost their level. Participation in certain missions and campaigns requires that you be part of a Clan.

Clan Boss Mode

Clan Boss mode is perhaps the most important reason to join the Clan. Only Clan members have access to this game mode. Clan members have the opportunity to share a unique experience with an evil enemy in a battle. Five difficulty levels are available for Clan Boss. Each level has its own skills, stats and health points. It can take hours, if not days, to defeat the Boss.

Clans Activity

Raid: Shadow Legends collective experiences include two crucial aspects: Clan Activities, and Clan Achievements. You can also find Clan Leaderboard information that allows you to see the achievements of members and details about Clans. Review Raid Shadow Legends provides additional information on Clan Powers and Ranking Points. This helps teammates get more achievements.

Tips for Beginners

These tips will help you achieve quick success and steady progress.

Get ready for adventure and get acquainted with the Affinity System

Raid: Shadow Legends will be an exciting and stunning adventure. Let’s take a look at four affinities. Three are balanced, while the fourth has no special advantages or disadvantages.

  • Blue – Magic (Beats Force and weak to Spirit);
  • Green – Spirit (Beats Force; weak to Magic);
  • Red-Force (Beats Magic, and weak to Spirit);
  • Purple – Void (no weaknesses and no counter).

The key to victory in a battle is understanding how each of these affinities interacts with one another.

Do not turn off Auto-Battle

It is better to begin with a manual mode. This can help you discover Raid: Shadow Legends and the abilities of the Champions. You can also review the Skill tab to learn how everything works in Raid. You can find information about your character’s skills by looking at the Champion’s profile.

Progress Missions are a key to success

The Progress Mission is a great resource for newcomers if the tutorial doesn’t suffice. These missions are designed to help new players get used to Raid: Shadow Legends’ many options and systems. The Progress Missions can be completed by players to help them learn how to play and get special rewards.

Get the Campaigns First

Review Raid: Shadow Legends recommends that you start with a campaign, then move on to dungeons. The campaign will teach you many important details and facts. A campaign’s natural pace can help a newcomer discover the game’s potential by helping them solve the mysteries and overcome all the obstacles. To succeed in further battles or fights within the dungeons, the Champion must be equipped with the appropriate gear.

Join the Clan

After uploading a game, it is a good idea not to join random Clans in Raid: Shadow Legends. It’s better to learn about the Clan and get to know the feel of the preferred community. You should also join a community that is willing to help the newcomer. You will find it more helpful, especially when you are at the beginning of your journey.

Equip your Champion

It is crucial to equip the Champion with the right gear in order to win the battle. A Champion can be strong and resilient if they have the right tools. For newcomers to the fight, it is important to pay attention to their equipment and take part in various missions to earn rewards as well as new life-stealing items.

Keep your gear updated

For the game to be successful, you need new items. Each item must be upgraded to the maximum level. In addition, upgrading a gear unlocks new stats and unlocks bonus opportunities every four stages (the maximum level being +16). While upgrading items is more costly as you gain more level, it won’t cost more if you have better chances of winning.

The Latest Update

The latest update 1.5 brings new game features to the platform.

  • Clan Chat — All Clan members have access to the chat that is only available for teammates. Gamers now have a place to discuss strategy, plan missions and share their experience.
  • Global Events — Players can take part in time-limited events that have its own tasks. Just follow the guidelines to earn new points and rewards.
  • Balance — Enemies have been adjusted in the Campaign Stages. Some gained levels, while others lost their ranks.

Additionally, the game now features new Champions and Artifacts, as well as numerous bugs and issues being fixed. The game is now more exciting and stunning thanks to the new updates.

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